Tenuta Vineyards

Are their quantity discounts?

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For orders greater than 12 bottles we offer quantity discounts. Before ordering please contact labels@tenutawinery.com to discuss.

How do I create multiple different labels?

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The app is designed for the greatest user experience during label creation, for this reason you can have one label per transaction. However there is no limit to the number of transactions, or saved labels you can create. If you wish to create a new unique label simply browse to create label option and follow the steps for selecting, editing, picking wine, and placing your order for each new label you wish to create.

Is the app available on non iOS devices?

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Currently the app is only available on iOS but there are plans to make it available for Android devices within the year.

How can I create more elaborate labels?

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Because the app allows you to add existing photos from the camera you can upload more elaborate labels to your phone. You can do this from Instagram photos, photos from email, even photos from your computer. After they have been added to your devices photo album you will be able to add them as a image label. You may also choose to add the text via Photoshop or other image editing application. If you do so you can skip the text adding portion of the label creation.

When I run the app there is a Facebook error?

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We use Facebook so you do not have to create a special account with Tenuta to use the app or share information with Tenuta directly. To to this Facebook needs to be linked to your iPhone. Simply go to your phones settings scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Facebook” you should see your name listed. If you do not click “Add Account”.